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About Success Experts

About Success Experts

Since founded in January 2007 by Dr. Ahmed Yahia Bahloul, “Success Experts” helps a lot of people to improve their lives through creative training concerned with the demands of a different generation.​

Our areas of expertise are CPHQ, CPPS, Six Sigma, Research, Statistics, Leadership, and Soft Skills.

Through Classes, Online Training, Online Self-Training Packages, On-site Consulting, we effectively communicate our mission to the world.

Our pool of experts are highly qualified in their areas and considered Subject Matter Experts or References in their fields. 

To disseminate the word of healthcare quality and patient safety in the region through training and consulting that institute a safety culture and leadership.

The regional destination in healthcare quality, patient safety, accreditation, and leadership.

Different colors of individuals reflect the multi-professional nature of healthcare system. Documentation panel points to the importance of “Document what you do and Do what you document”  
Q with a rhythm inside located in the middle represents the Quality in healthcare as placed as the heart for healthcare